Build a no-code AI app in minutes
A new way to think and create
with computers
Create any AI by describing it

From idea to product at the speed of thought.

The simplest way to build an AI app
  • No code

    Build functional apps without writing a single line of code

  • Real-time data

    Add sources of truth for accurate results with URLs or drag and drop

  • Multimodal

    Use any input or output — including text, images, video and 3D models

  • Speed of execution

    Create ready-to-use interfaces that can be published immediately

Build apps that act in
the real world

with 4 million functions

Turn your app
into a business

with one
click to generate
immediate revenue
Submit your app to
Natural OS
and start
serving millions of user

Turn your app into a beautiful morphing interface
that finds users instead of the other way around.

Imagination is Creation

Imagica is the new operating system for the AI age that enables computers to be an extension of our minds, so that we can all create at the speed of thought. With Imagica, our thoughts generate new AIs to supercharge our thinking and co-create with computers in previously unimaginable ways.
Who is behind

Since 2016, Brain AI has been a pioneer in one-shot learning for NLP, an approach to human-like conversational interfaces recently popularized by Large Language Models such as GPT. In 2021, Brain launched "Natural AI" - a digital commerce app featuring the world's first generative interface.

Unleash the power of your imagination

Our groundbreaking AI development tool empowers you to transform your ideas into reality, so that no creative spark is left to wither away. With Imagica, your imagination becomes your canvas, and your impact on the world is only a few clicks away.

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